What To Plant In February: Our Plants Of The Month

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What To Plant In February: Our Plants Of The Month


Finally, February is here and it’s bursting full of potential! Today we are bringing you eager gardeners a list of all the fruits, veg and flowers to give you an idea of what to plant in February.

Across the UK the presence of winter can still be very much felt lingering around us. But not to worry! Greenhouses or polytunnels are incredible places to nurture young plants during these colder months.

If you lack the space or the budget for either a greenhouse or polytunnel, then have no fear! A ton of our suggestions can be grown in small pots indoors and transferred outdoors when the weather starts to warm up. This will ensure you don’t miss out on those beautiful blooms come springtime.

What Vegetables to Plant in February

Remember when growing directly outdoors, ensure your soil isn’t frozen and it’s a nice light variety. If you aren’t currently working with these conditions hold off a little while longer to begin planting.


 Ground Cover, Greenhouse and Indoor Veggies

  • Indoor

    • Early Potatoes can be grown indoors until the warmer weather arrives. To increase the quality or success of your crop you should consider chitting your potatoes first on your windowsill.
    • Sow Aubergine seeds indoors now for crops to form in the Summer.
    • Celery can also be grown indoors.  Be sure to look for a bolt resistant variation as it is just a little too cold to grow other celery types in February.
    • A huge variety of plants from the Brassica family can be grown now, these include Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kale and Turnips. 
    • Get that Basil back out on the windowsill where it belongs.
  • Ground Cover

    • Why not try your hand at planting some Asparagus Peas in your kitchen or under some ground cover outdoors.
    • Celeriac seeds can also be planted under ground cover in February.
    • Leeks can be planted now under cover and take quite a while to grow.
  • Greenhouse

    • You can start to sow all kinds of Peas now.
    • You can begin to sow Cucumber and Tomato seeds in time for salad season.  For the best success a greenhouse environment is optimal, however growing in your home is also possible.
    • Sweet Pepper seeds can also be sown now, these will need a lot of heat so it’s best to attempt only if you have a greenhouse.

Outdoor Veggies

  • Garlic can be planted outdoors this month as long as your soil isn’t frozen – this rule applies to all plants ready to be introduced immediately outside.
  • Jerusalem Artichokes are hardy enough to withstand the colder temperatures as long as you have light soil in your garden.
  • You can sow Broad Beans outside now.
  • Shallots are another tasty favourite you can start growing in February.


What Fruits to Plant in February

All of the fruits on our list can handle the cold February weather providing your soil is in the correct conditions.  If you are hesitant to expose your plants to the frost so early, you can start them off in little pots and transplant them in spring.

  • Rhubarb is the perfect winter garden accomplice. Make sure the soil isn’t thick with moisture and pant at a spot that gets regular sun (when it shines).
  • There is no better time to start planting any stone fruit trees such as Peaches and Apricots. 
  • If you have dry soil why not plant some Blackberries or Raspberry Canes. 
  • If the conditions in the soil are ready you can also start growing Gooseberries as well as White or Black Currants. 
  • Strawberries are a summer favourite and now is the time to get planting! Be sure to go with a bare root plant in order to grow them in your gardens this February. Alternatively you may want to start the process indoors if you are using seeds. If you have been growing strawberries for a while consider replacing your old plants with new ones. After 3 years strawberry plants tend to lose their stamina, so why not give your strawberry patch some much needed rejuvenation.


What Flowers to Plant in February

The majority of the flowers on our list will need tending to indoors for a little while, just until the arrival of spring.


Ground Cover, Greenhouse and Indoor Flowers

  • Indoor Flowers

    • Our Classic Chrysanthemums are ready to be planted this month. The best place to pot these seeds would be a greenhouse to encourage early blooms, but you can grow them in a pot on your windowsill.
    • Dahlia Tubers are ready for growing in any environment that remains at 10 degrees celsius consistently. Remember to plant them the correct way up, the hollow side should be facing up.
    • Begonia Tubers are also ready for the ground providing it is not still frozen.
    • Sweet Peas are pretty versatile and can be sown in a greenhouse or indoors. Top tip is in order to speed up germination, soak your seeds in water overnight and be sure to plant them in a cool place.
    • You can begin planting Snapdragons for a nice early flowering.
    • Sow Geraniums indoors too to see the benefits of early flowers.
    • If you have any hardwood or rooted cuttings that you took last year then now is the time to pot them.
  • Outdoor Flowers

    • Plant your Bare root Roses now. Look for a position in your garden that will be flooded with sunshine for the most amazing roses.
    • Winter Flowering Shrubs can still be planted now – you haven’t missed the window!
    • You can also still plant lilies and allium bulbs despite them typically being planted in autumn, but hurry, the deadline for this is spring.
    • Another hardy flower you can plant outside is the Snowdrop. They actually prefer cooler conditions so bear this in mind when finding a spot to establish them.


Summary of what to plant in February

And there you have it!

We hope our plants of the month guide has inspired you to get out there and grow this February. And, as always,  if you have any queries our team are happy to hear from you, no matter the weather. Do get in touch!

Author: Emma Watson-Thomas

Content writer for Lloyd Tree Services.

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