Why Tree Removal is best left to Professionals

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Why Tree Removal is best left to Professionals


Tree removal problems? The professionals are on the way!

Trees are some of the most spectacular natural structures on this Planet! To the untrained eye their complex nature is easily disguised by their beauty and strength.

If you find one of your trees is in need of some maintenance, you may be tempted to try to resolve the situation by yourself; Do not be fooled! Tree removal is best left to the professionals.

These innocent looking structures can distract from very real dangers.

In our blog we aim to provide you with the basics. We will cover everything our professionals have the experience and knowledge to resolve for you: from the hazards of mouldy branches to hungry Squirrels desperately trying to grab your…tools!

With all these things in mind we are confident you will agree, it’s a job best left to the pros!

Masters of disguise.

The UK alone is home to over 70 species of tree, only 32 of which are native to our country.

Attempting to identify a tree with the help of ‘Google’ shouldn’t be too difficult a task, right? Correct! Search engines definitely have that part covered. They can describe, in detail, the features and characteristics of any species of tree. The one thing it certainly will not be able to do however, is diagnose a specific problem with your tree.

You may think your search has been successful and provided you with all the facts you need to get out there and start chopping away! The truth is, you are likely being misled.

Decaying trees for example, do so internally. From the outside all can appear rosy, but let me assure you, chopping into a tree in this condition rarely ends well.

We at Lloyds have the ability to identify the telltale signs and resolve the issue safely. There is no substitution for decades of hard work, dedication and expertise.

Danger, Danger, High Voltage!

The complications of tree maintenance do not end with the tree itself. Power lines for instance, are an electrifying example of just how cautious Tree Surgeons must be.

In almost every instance overhead cables will be live and kicking! Still think you can handle this tree by yourself?

First consider the consequences if you, your saw, or the tree itself comes into contact with these cables. You could knock out the power to your home, your neighbourhood, suffer horrific injuries and in some instances one wrong move could be fatal.

Well equipped for tree removal.

In order to do the job safely, professionally and at the highest quality, the right tools are essential.

Attempting to remove a tree correctly requires the delicate manoeuvering of devices such as ropes, cranes, wood chippers and, of course, chainsaws!

Without this machinery at your fingertips, a careful and professional job is simply not possible. Thinking of using the equipment without the substantial training the Lloyds team have? Well, you must be ‘off your head!

We care a tree-mendous amount about our craft and our customers. We come highly rated and have a fantastic reputation amongst our clients. If you need help with any of the following:

  • Speciality arborist services
  • Tree care services
  • Tree crane services
  • Dead tree removal services

Feel free to give us a call on 07388 437 098.

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Author: Emma Watson-Thomas

Content writer for Lloyd Tree Services.

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